Going Down in a Blaze of Glory…

I came across the following three pieces of climate change news this morning:

• One of the British Broadsheets (possibly the Sunday Times) is reporting, today, that the government has drawn up plans for the army to bring in supplies of food in the event of shortages caused by a no-deal Brexit. Britain has never been anywhere near self-sufficiency in food production, in modern times, and has always had to import a large proportion of its food.

• According to the National Union of Farmers, Reported in The Observer, a delegation of farmers is meeting government officials today to discuss the fragility of Britain’s food supply in the aftermath of this drought and its catastrophic effect on harvests, as well as the on-going threat to this delicate creature posed by continued climate change.

• A new study has linked rising temperatures to a rise in suicide rates. When average monthly temperatures rose by 1 degree, the suicide rate in the US rose by 0.7%, and by 2.1% in Mexico. This was reported in The Guardian, yesterday. Sounds like a pretty crude study, but you can imagine a link: a combination of heat-exhaustion ennui and anxiety about climate change…

So that’s reassuring! See you on the other side!

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