Talking of the creature cannibalising your faculties to form itself…

Rabbi Loew

When Rabbi Loew recognised the threat
he took some clay from Vlatava
and he made himself a thing, – a golem, a bodyguard.

But clay is barren stuff and hard to work and so,
to give it life, he built it up from pieces of himself –
his guts, his heart, his sinews and his thews

to give it musculature; to see, the lenses of his eyes,
and so that it could sense,
he looped it with his nerves, although

he knew he’d feel each blow and wound
as if it was his own. He fed it on his fat and marrow.
He clothed it in his skin

and it was fierce and strong and fearless
but he was blind and thin and weak
and bled easily.

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