Dylan and I respond to the suggestion that we get fish and chips

“Christ, No!… The grease! I’d be sick!… I don’t know… Ok, yes, let’s just do it! …No, wait, do we have to? Could we do it another day? Only it’s fish pie tonight and I like fish pie…Ok, you’re right, I hate fish pie, but I’d prepared myself for fish pie and I was kind of looking forward to being forced to eat all that deliciousness… What about the Fish and Chips? Are you still going on about that? I thought we’d finished with that! But it’s so greasy… It just seems a bit early for this step. I’m not ready: all that grease… What about Wednesday?… No, you’re right – no time like the present… What do you think, Dylan/ Xan?… Well, I will if you do… No, no, I will if YOU do… What are we talking about, again? Oh, yeah, Fish and Chips. But it’s so greasy!…”

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