Yar Boo Sucks!

I’m fully aware, by the way, that an uncharitable reader could sneer at what they saw as my “bourgeois” concerns, my talk of dishwashers and in-laws, of Christmas dinners and council tax, the petty anxieties that beset people living an easy life. I bow to these criticisms; I remain defiant. I can do no more than describe the life I lead with honesty. What advantages do you have, gentle reader? Because I’m sure you have some, and you may squander them with just as much thoughtless ingratitude as I do. I didn’t ask for, nor pursue, such a life, just as I didn’t ask to become middle aged. This is where I’ve found myself, and at least I have the grace to handle it badly. Perhaps that’s one of the attractions of anorexia – it adds drama to a soft existence; it gives it an edge.

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