An Anorexic Christmas (Ho ho ho)

It’s Christmas day! Happy Christmas, dudes. 

During the Christmas holidays I would normally lose weight, while still managing to have a taste of turkey, roasties, stuffing, pigs in blankets, Christmas pudding… I would just tweak the exercise a little higher during the holiday period, and tweak all the other meals a little downwards, and have truly the tiniest amounts of the delicious, poisonous Christmas foods. (Sorry, that sounds a bit Pro-ana…)

Nowadays, I’m “in the green band”, so my weight is normal, but I’m still faced with the usual food-dilemmas. I still have to keep rigidly to meal plans to stop my weight going down, but rigidity is a symptom of disordered thinking about food. On Christmas Day, can I ditch my mid-morning snack, to make room for the heavy Christmas lunch? (I know I’ll try to be as frugal as possible with it) Or does this put pressure on me to eat more (a horrifying idea)? But doesn’t having a snack on top of CHRISTMAS DINNER, of all things, sound like MADNESS!? Why does this feel like an important decision? 

Who can I persuade to eat all the Christmas  pudding , so that I don’t lose my head completely and eat THE WHOLE THING myself, in one sitting?

Am I over-thinking things? (Yes. Yes, I am.)

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