Menopause Power!

This aggression and hostility has bled into all public discourse. For example, Kate Muir, writing about the historical neglect of the menopause as a serious medical condition[1], talks about “Menopause Power” and compares it to the way “Period Power fought Period Poverty”. “There’s a huge menopause conversation, as confrontational as it is celebratory” she tells us (my italics). She mentions a designer and campaigner, Karen Arthur, who links attitudes to the menopause to the neglect of Black Caribbean/ African women[2].

This is undoubtedly an example of patriarchal neglect of a condition that doesn’t affect men. The situation is clearly unjust and must be remedied, urgently. The menopause is a fundamental biological and chemical change. It profoundly affects ALL women’s bodies, and most women’s health and mental well-being. It is absolutely right to campaign, and using the language of battle and blame brings great energy to the struggle.

But by using such terms as “Medical sexism”, Kate Muir implies that medical practitioners and researchers, and by implication all men, are involved in a conscious conspiracy to oppress menopausal women, that they are people to be blamed and attacked. 

Anger and resentment directed towards them, invites resentment and resistance in response, from the very people who have chosen medicine as their profession, who we need to convince, to agree to, do and fund more research, and prescribe more effective treatments.

[1] The Observer magazine, 09/05/21

[2] I think her point is that menopausal black women are doubly disadvantaged. This is probably an example of “intersectionality”.

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