Kindness and Respect

So we must not start condemning people en masse. It’s true that white people (for example) have traditionally, on average, had advantages that people of colour have traditionally, on aggregate not enjoyed, especially in the United States. However, no two people’s experiences are identical.  We must not start claiming grievances we have not personally suffered, because we feel we share the sufferers’ racial profile. If we do that we are using racialized thinking, and encouraging and justifying bigotry. We are suggesting racial differences, whether biological or socially constructed, are fundamental, and that we are racially incompatible.  

This is White Supremacist talk. We are driving wedges between people, acting as recruiters for the far right, encouraging their silly counter-protests, teaching “ignorant men most violent ways”

Because, what should matter is present needs, and equality and respect for all individuals in the present. Historical wrongs don’t entitle you to a sense of grievance. Even if your ancestors were slaves and his ancestors were slavers, you don’t get to inherit a moral superiority, because that justifies a world of unearned entitlement, and that is the sort of world where slavers thrive.

You have to earn your own moral superiority, by striving to treat everyone, whatever their background, with equal kindness and respect. 

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