Racial Awareness is a Double-Edged Sword…

As more and more social interactions have moved online, society has become much more atomised. We have become used to communicating with thousands of people without having any real connection with them. This has fostered an environment of cruelty and bullying. Due to the internet’s anonymity, users who feel powerless can experience the cheap, power-trip thrill of trolling without fearing any negative consequences to themselves.

Trolls exploit the vulnerabilities of their victims for maximum impact. In a racially unequal society, being from a racial minority is one such vulnerability. I think most racist trolling is opportunistic and tribal, not a statement of a genuine belief in a racial hierarchy. Most trolls seem too unreflective to have comprehensive belief systems.

As you know, I think British racism, unlike American, has its roots in a tribal resentment of foreigners by a self-identifying “indigenous” group. Whatever they say, defensively, about their racial qualities, I think their behaviour is driven by a sense of their own weakness and inferiority. That’s why they feel threatened. 

Problematically, though, the more aware people are made of racial differences and inequalities, the more likely they are to exploit them to gain or consolidate status and power, and beat down those they feel threatened by. I believe the earliest racial awareness programmes in British schools led to an increase in racist bullying.

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