Crush the Servants of the System under the Boots of Righteous Justice!

The sort of antagonism that used to be reserved for riot policemen and neo-Nazis is now levelled at anyone who questions Social Justice methods. Personal antipathy has become part of the playbook. It is applauded and encouraged while a reluctance to upset people is derided as weak. 

This is, I suppose, entirely orthodox enlightenment thinking. If the individual human spirit, and its development, is the ultimate good, then the greatest demonstration of virtue becomes pursuing your personal goals with iron will and determination. Each human consciousness is singular and unique, so these cannot be shared or collective aspirations. You can sympathise, but you can’t really aim to be the best version of somebody else.

This isn’t a problem when we are all moving in the same direction towards similar ends, but conflict is inevitable in this world of multitudinous individuals, and not to be shied away from. As your cause is just, and inextricably linked with your own self-development, conflict is to be actively sought and highly personal attacks are admired. Dominating and undermining another self becomes the most effective way of overcoming their resistance and so progressing your cause. It is not your responsibility to look after the fragile identities of others. They must look after themselves, fight their own corners. 

A concern for social harmony is seen as a tool of oppression because it is used to discourage people from standing up for their rights. Social Justice warriors see themselves like the fearless young workers and soldiers on Nazi and Stalinist posters.

Being nasty to people has become heroic.

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