I Could Live So Easy, If I Was White!

Of course, Racial Justice activists just want to be treated as equals, get a little respect from other people. This can’t be guaranteed, though, even if you’re white. Some Black activists seem to assume that any unpleasant behaviour they encounter is motivated by racism. The reality is that some people are unpleasant little bastards. They’re probably just as nasty to white people, although they’ll pick the insult to suit the victim. My 16 year old daughter, paranoid about her looks, was called “Facking Ugly” by some little toe-rag, yesterday. He didn’t pick a racist slur, because they’re both “white.” He said the thing that would make her cry. It worked. 

It is a sign of our increasing racial segregation that many activists of colour seem to assume their white brethren are having a high old time, living a life of luxury and respect, simply because they are white. They can no longer identify enough with their white neighbours to realise that most of us are struggling in some way. Although white people won’t have to deal with racism very often, they may have multiple other problems, prejudices, disabilities that stop them from having a life of ease. Only tiny minority experience the life people of colour envy and they’re not experiencing it because they’re white.

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