Activism, Complaining and Persecution: the Three Pronged Approach

A belief in justified aggression and confrontation isn’t new, but it used to be directed at impersonal powers. The cry of “I Blame the Government!” is probably as old as governments themselves. 

“Activist”, meaning “professional protestor”, however, is a modern job description, existing only in safe, regulated democracies, where citizens’ needs are provided for by the state, so they can assume their complaints will be attended to. Young activists’ disdain of what they call “Karens” – entitled middle-aged women who are always summoning the manager to get what they want – is deeply hypocritical: what is a protest other than a mass complaint to the manager? “Sort it out (for us)”, they chant.

But modern Social Justice activists are also employing a new tactic. They are targeting ordinary, individual people. Activists seem to think that if they identify racial bias (for example) in that person’s words or behaviour, then blame can be directed at them, and they can be shouted at until they apologise. This will resolve the issue and end racism in our society. 

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