Keep Your Head Down and Keep Chanting the Slogans

The (apparently scientific) stories spun by Social Justice activists are very useful contributions to a series of very live and urgent debates, but we must accept that they are only possible narratives and there may be alternatives or exceptions or necessary revisions. We must be willing to search out evidence that supports or undermines a reading, and use it to test the validity of that theory. If it does not fit the evidence, we must be willing to alter it. Most importantly, we must be open to debate and welcome those who wish to interrogate our ideas, because questioning will allow us to refine and strengthen them. 

The problem comes when people start to see a theory, or a particular point of view, as a badge of identity. Then, to question any aspect of its absolute truth is not only apostasy or treachery, it is a denial of your own identity, and a sense of identity is our most profoundly valuable spiritual possession and is fundamental to our psychological well-being. Conformism becomes self-policing. 

This is particularly true of the members of persecuted minorities, because even if rejected by their own, they will still not be accepted by the majority, and so they will be alone, wholly vulnerable to the bigots, and filled with existential angst. 

Better to stifle your doubts and keep chanting the slogans. 

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