It’s Not “Being Cruel to Be Kind”, It’s Being Careful with Other People

In identity politics, rather than reaching a conclusion that accommodates the science, the verifiable truths of biology are ditched in favour of fancies and groundless convictions. Rather than admitting, “I am male, but I feel a great desire (or curiosity?) to act out the role of a (stereotypical) woman. Why might this be?” We are told we can be what we want to be; we can transform the world simply by wishing it so. Anyone who denies this is an evil minion of the system and must be destroyed, because they are not Truth Tellers. And this is because the truth can be whatever you wish it to be and to deny somebody’s truth is to oppress them. 

But, as I mentioned in my previous post, that’s like calling your oncologist a bigot because he tells you that your biopsy showed that not all the cancer cells had been removed, when you really, really wanted to be free of cancer. Or calling your history teacher a Nazi because he teaches a module on the holocaust and suggests that antisemitism still exists. 

Objective truth exists, even if it is unpleasant to hear, and it is important. It may be difficult to discern, even impossible, sometimes, but that makes it all the more precious and all the more worthy of striving for. 

Rather than coming up with proper, science-based solutions to their anguish, transsexuals are expected to simply “transition” and then celebrate their “liberation”, angrily rebutting anyone with genuine concern and reservations about how sensible this is, as if they were horrible Nazi trolls.

But this attitude is unfair and unsupportive of the real-world problems transexual people encounter. It would be irresponsible to tell somebody with gender dysmorphia that they can be transformed wholly, like some real-world Pinocchio, into a man or woman, indistinguishable from those born genetically male or female. That will not help them deal with the prejudice and resistance, suspicion and ostracism.  More importantly, it will not help them deal with the brutal fact that they cannot become wholly identical to biological members of their chosen gender, or the existential angst and loneliness that may derive from that. 

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