I’m Back! I’m Back!

Happy New Year, Guys!

On the 31st of December, I splashed small amount of tea over the top right-hand corner of my keyboard. The screen instantly went black. I immediately turned it upside down to drain the liquid, but it made a soft hissing sound, like milk gently seething in a pan, and refused to turn on again. I immersed it in a tray of rice, to dry it out. In fact, I had to buy a second big bag of rice to cover it, but to no avail. My laptop was dead. 

So, I’ve been rushing around trying to find somebody, at new year who would recover my data, to spend huge amounts of money buying a new one (sobs!), but now I’m back! And ready, once more to do battle in the great arena of the internet. Hello, again, non-existent readers!

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