I’m Not a Crazy Tory!

You must think I’m a crazy Tory, now! I’m not! I promise! I know I’m exhibiting a conservative fear of the destructiveness of change, but I’m a democratic socialist to my very core. (In its simplest, earliest form: a belief that government should be by, and for the benefit of, society, and only as a result of this for the benefit of the individual. I’m absolutely NOT a Communist.) Democracy is a pragmatic, organisational principle, but socialism is a profoundly moral one. These are the principles that the new identarian, Social Activist, self-proclaimed “Left” have betrayed. 

The internet is a trojan horse, or an underground pipeline, secretly feeding corrupting right-wing libertarianism into the brains of its users and telling them that, because it is a form of “liberalism” that exalts the rights of the individual, and market equality, it must be a form of socialism.

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