Sanctimonious Bullshit Merchants

As Christian faith has dwindled, that habit of anxious self-doubt, of solipsistic obsession with moral purity and righteousness has persisted. Personal Integrity has become our most important, perhaps our only moral asset: “Staying True to Yourself” and to your core values. 

We are urged to join moral crusades to demonstrate (to ourselves) that we are “On the Right Side of History,” not to get anything useful done. It becomes part of our journey of self-actualisation, and the experience of campaigning is far more important than its effectiveness. 

Criticisms and challenges of others are invariably ad hominem: you attack your opponents for who they are, rather than the errors in what they are saying, accusing them of lacking integrity or inner moral purity. “You are a white privileged male,” you might retort to someone who doubts your opinions on race, “so you don’t know what you are talking about.”

These personal attacks have proved highly effective because moral self-worth has become our most precious commodity. Since the Civil Rights movement has succeeded in making racism taboo, accusations of complicity in a racist culture have become unendurable. Modern Social Justice campaigners, using slogans such as “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem,” have perfected the art of recruiting people to their cause by accusing them of being vile racists, simply by not vocally expressing an absolute agreement with the activist’s theory. They imply you can only absolve yourself by joining the movement, and, as it is a protestmovement that uses personal attacks as its weapon of choice, that means finding somebody else to accuse in their turn. It is a pyramid scheme of blame. Like the Salem Witch Trials. 

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