Critical Race Theory is American Cultural Imperialism

British activists have gained great impetus and power by adopting America’s Social Justice movements. They have gained endorsement and support from these enormous expressions of solidarity and common purpose: millions of voices whose sheer force of numbers, and resulting volume of protest, makes them incredibly powerful. 

They have also gained influential theorists and spokespeople: skilful and persuasive speakers and writers who have established convincing ideologies to justify their positions in academic papers and newspaper articles, presenting statistics and facts in support of their claims. They have gained innovative new tactics and approaches to forward their aims. They have acquired New World glamour and chutzpah. 

But it is a Faustian pact, and there is a price to pay. For, to gain all this, we must claim that British and American society and culture, and our experience of them, are identical. We must adopt an American mind-set, accepting, entirely, America’s perspectives and assumptions on all socio-political matters. In other words, we must surrender, finally, completely, to American Cultural Imperialism. We must give up our unique differences, our souls. 

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