“Death to Anyone who Disagrees with Me! (for I am a Social Justice Warrior!)”

Modern activists completely reject anyone with even the slightest reservations about their theories or campaigning methods. By claiming “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”, activists are claiming that only their exact version of “the solution” is acceptable. They are infallible, incapable of error.  Anyone who deviates in any way from their formulations is not only misguided, they are the enemy! And the enemy must be destroyed, not convinced. 

That demonstrates exactly the rigid conservative thinking we’ve been exploring: complete, dogmatic subservience to the Maven’s theory. The rebuttals aimed at dissenters are always violent, personal attacks, rather than disagreements about ideas. The punishment for digression is brutal assaults on the self and banishment from the online communities that have come to form that self. The internet, an angry, alienating space, encourages and exaggerates personal hostilities. 

Social Justice creeds demand absolute loyalty, even to nonsensical self-contradictory tenets, such as the Gender – Sex dichotomy, which everyone solemnly espouses but nobody understands because it makes no sense[1]. Those are the mysteries of the faith.  

[1] Trans activists are attempting to change the world by imposing a new idea (a new distinction) onto our thinking about gender. It doesn’t make sense because it doesn’t correspond with the phenomena we encounter in our lives. Not everything in the world can be changed by relabelling it. Science is remarkably stubborn and social constructs of gender are a cultural response to, and are built on, a recognition of undeniable biological gender. The biological and cultural are indivisible in this case, although the latter can be altered. We can’t turn the male into the female, but we can change our expectations of both. Demanding that everybody uses “Biological Gender” and “Cultural Sex” entirely independently is like demanding that everybody start using single-sided coins: it is impossible and the nearest approximation we can arrive at is to pretend: it’s the Emperor’s New Clothes, all over again.  

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